UI/UX Architect and Developer

Also a keen photogropher and eternally a guitarist in training

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myrecipeez is the easiest way to bookmark a recipe. It lets you bookmark, edit the recipe and make notes against your edits. myrecipeez is currently in beta and launching to the public in the coming days.

Career Overview

A UI/UX Architect and Developer, Technical Web Consultant and Micropreneur with a wealth of experience in I.T and Web and a passion for all things tech. I have designed, developed and managed the deployment of a number of government, council and corporate I.T. solutions ranging from small web applications; to Intranets with thousands of members; to large, internationally used, high-profile systems with millions of unique users per month. I am currently employed as a UI/UX Architect and Developer at Netregistry and am currently rearchitecting all layouts for all client facing systems. I am always happy to hear about potential opportunities, so feel free to shoot me an email.

Key Strengths

  • 7.5 years experience analyzing, architecting and developing complete I.T. web solutions for government (State and Federal), councils and corporate clients (including group buying sites).
  • Over a decade’s worth of work experience developing web sites and web applications in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Ruby, Rails (RoR), Python and Django.
  • Experience developing mobile web apps with frameworks including zepto.js [awesome!], jqTouch and iScroll
  • 4 years experience managing projects for high-profile clients.
  • Development experience within a number of popular CMS' including MySource Matrix and Wordpress
  • Development experience within RackSpace cloud, RightScales development environment and Google App Engine.
  • Detailed understanding of government and council I.T. system requirements such as accessibility standards (WCAG, AA etc) and the NSW government style directive.
  • Detailed understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • 7 years experience in guiding and training clients and other members of staff in all things I.T. and Web.

Career History

Jan 2012 – present
UX/UI Architect and Developer at Netregistry Pty Ltd

Netregistry is a Sydney based company and the largest domain name registrar in Australia.

Responsibilities and Experiences

  • Architect and Engineer interfaces/layouts for all Netregistry systems including the public website, the TPP Wholesale reseller portal and the retail console.
  • Wireframe and document new proposed layouts.
  • Develop a netregistry specific JavaScript framework using jQuery (utilising jQueryUI widgets). Hoping to build a lightweight, mobile framework too.
  • Work with various Netregistry departments to gather user interface requirements and provide solutions.
  • Work with the reseller team to define a structure for a new mobile interface.
  • Maintain and improve the base front-end platform (JavaScript + JSP + CSS).
  • Upgrade layouts to be HTML5 compliant (trying to - 10 year old systems will sometimes not let this happen :-P)
  • Oversee all new CSS and JavaScript added to any of the environments.
  • Helping the marketing guys better tie Google Analytics into the various client facing systems.

July 2011 – Jan 2012
UX/UI Architect and Developer at Dealised Pty Ltd

Dealised is a Sydney based startup and is the platform development company behind a number of local and international group buying websites including Spreets, Sweetdeal and Yallabanana. Dealised was sold and my position at this company was made redundant.

Responsibilities and Experiences

  • Architected and Engineered web based interfaces for all Dealised partners using HTML, CSS, JavaScript [inc. jQuery] and PHP.
  • Provide feedback and advice on usability and user experience to all dealised clients.
  • Architected and Engineered mobile interfaces for all clients using HTML5, CSS3 and JS. Wrote the CSS and JS to specifically target and utilise webkit functionality.
  • Currently replacing jqtouch with zepto.js to improve the mobile experience of all client sites.
  • Cut-up and code design PSD files into HTML/HTML5 ready websites (using CSS3 and JavaScript+jQuery for all style definitions and functionality).
  • Maintain and improve the base dealised platform (JavaScript and PHP).
  • Provide front-end development support (day to day operations support) for all clients.
  • Managed a small team of front-end developers. I play both mentor and gate keeper with all work they submit.
  • Designed and developed the new dealised smart-phone UI. Concentrating on leaner, interfaces both functionally (utilising leaner frameworks such as zepto.js) and aesthetically (creating interfaces that require little scrolling and the information is available on page load).
  • Improved search engine presence for all clients by advising on and developing better SEO practices for all partner sites.

January 2011 – July 2011
UX/UI Architect and Developer (6 month contract) at NPS

NPS is a government funded, not for profit medical research organization specializing in providing information on the latest medical news to both medical professionals and their patients.

Responsibilities and Experiences

  • Designing and developing interfaces for the new NPS website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript+jQuery and PHP.
  • Built and maintained middleware (Ajax based data transfer) between the CMS (MySource Matrix) and internal systems. This involved making requests and receiving data over a RESTful web service; returning both XML and JSON data.
  • Improve the overall usability of the website with A/B testing and running case studies in house. Also helped the company setup test cases as a footing for future usability and A/B testing.
  • Developing new functionality (mostly widgets that communicated with internal services [REST communication, returning JSON] within the NPS website (www.nps.org.au) with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS.
  • Integrated the CMS API with the Google Analytics API to provide custom page by page views of analytics data.

February 2010 – January 2011
Business Systems Analyst for Web Solutions Parramatta City Council, Sydney, NSW

Parramatta City Council is one of Australia's largest municipal councils.

Responsibilities and Experiences

  • Designed and developed new interfaces for the Parramatta city council website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript+jQuery and PHP.
  • Develop and maintenance of the new Parramatta city council website (www.parracity.nsw.gov.au).
  • Developed a new calendar booking system for the council's development department. The calendar was built using JS+jQuery, HTML and CSS.
  • Built and supported the discover Parramatta website.
  • Analyse business requirements for all departments within council and propose potential solutions, concentrating on web based solutions. This work was the basis of the eParra strategy.
  • Create UAT cases and other test documentation to ensure business requirements are being met.

December 2006 – February 2010
UX/UI Developer, Technical Consultant and Technical Account Manager at Squiz.net

Squiz.net is an Australian owned, internationally operated, open-source Content Management System (CMS) developer. They offer web-based solutions and integrate these solutions into their CMS – MySource Matrix.

Responsibilities and Experiences

  • Analysing business requirements and architecting I.T solutions to fit within the MySource Matrix WCMS and third-party technologies.
  • Manage complex, technical, high traffic websites for high profile clients.
  • Developing complicated, web-based solutions in JavaScript, jQuery and PHP.
  • Built and maintained a JS library for client use. This library was pre jQuery and provided functionality including text resize, page printing targeting elements by class etc.
  • Provide advice to clients on Search Engine Optimisation, Accessibility, Usability (including information architecture), Web-based marketing tools, site tracking (analytics) and system monitoring tools.
  • Mentor and train new staff on web trends and I.T. standards.
  • Attend MySource Matrix conferences and provide talks on web trends, standards, using Matrix and a REST service provider and MySource Matrix features.
  • Successfully analysed/gathered business requirements and designed solutions for over 70 unique projects for a number of high profile clients – including Snap-On Tools, Fairfax Asia, Renovate, The Spastic Center, UWS, University of Sydney, ACU, Newcastle City Council and more.
  • Was the Account Manager for a number of high profile clients including Renovate (renovate.realestate.com.au), DADHC (www.dadhc.nsw.gov.au), The Federal Court of Australia (Intranet Site), Parramatta City Council (www.parracity.nsw.gov.au and www.discoverparramatta.com) and Fairfax Asia (www.mis-asia.com).
  • Was the sole developer or part of a development team on over 100 unique projects for a collection of high profile clients including NPS, The Accor Group, The Spastic Centre, Botanic Gardens Trust, RSPCA NSW, DET, NSW Premiers Department and many more.

June 2004 – December 2006
Technical Support Consultant at TABCorp Limited

TABCorp is Australias largest betting (sports and racing) organisation.

February 2003 – April 2005
I.T. Support Officer Catholic Education Office, Sydney

Based within Casimir Catholic College in Marrickville

Education & Training

2002 – 2006 - University of Western Sydney

Bachelor of Information Technology. Completed a double majoring in Web Development and Network Technologies.

1995 – 2001 - Casimir Catholic College

Higher School Certificate

Hobbies & Interests

  • Spending time with my kids
  • Jamming with mates
  • Playing a round of 18
  • Chasing the ultimate shot
  • Cooking up a storm
  • Playing Video Games (some vices will never die)
  • Reading a good book with a nice drop of red by my side
  • Playing with the latest tech


Phil Morle

Co Founder, Pollenizer
(Phil was my manager whilst at Dealised)
Email: phil at pollenizer dot com
Phone: (will provide upon request)
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/pmorle

Andy Coffey

Head of design, Pollenizer
(Andy was my peer whilst at Dealised)
Email: andy at pollenizer dot com
Phone: (will provide upon request)
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/andycoffey

David Taylor

Senior Operations Engineer, Salesforce
(Was system administration manager at Squiz whilst I was employed at Squiz)
Email: d.l.taylor at salesforce dot com
Phone: (will provide upon request)
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidleslietaylor